Mega Lawyer to Defend Vinnie Jones’ Wake Up Call Brawl

Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call iphone application is reporting that MOVIE hardman Vinnie Jones and Star of the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call iPhone application has hired a US “mega-lawyer” to help him fight assault charges in court today.

The actor, 43, has called in celebrity Los Angeles attorney Blair Berk. She successfully defended Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan on drink-drive charges. Vinnie could face a year in jail after being caught on CCTV punching builder Juan Barrera in a bar brawl in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Local Police have let off Jesse Bickett, who had glassed Vinnie, calling it a “mutual combat” situation.

Lawyer Blair, 44, is sending a top aide to argue Vinnie’s case.

A source said: “They will argue that Vinnie did not start the fight — and that he is the only one charged, even though he ended up with the worst injuries.”

Vinnie Jones recently released his Official iPhone Application called the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call which is a video alarm clock application, which features 27 new videos of Vinnie the Wimbledon footballer-turned-actor spouting off movie lines and one-liners to jar you out of your slumbers.

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