Wake Up with Vinnie Jones – The Sun UK Tells Us How

The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call was featured in Gordon Smart’s Bizarre section of TheSun.co.uk today. Here is what they had to say:

“If you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, VINNIE JONES has the solution.

The movie hardman has come up with his own Wake Up Call application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch that sees him screaming one-liners like “Oi, you! Get out of bed” at anyone brave enough to download it.

It’s also got 27 exclusive new videos of Vinnie Jones spouting his popular movie lines such as “It’s been emotional” from hit film Snatch and “I think the word you’re looking for, gentleman, is thank you” from Lock, Stock.

You’ll find it available for download on iTunes for £1.19.

Although knowing you’ve got that to wake up to will make getting to sleep a much harder task. ”

To get the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call you can download it from the iTunes store HERE

Wanna keep updated with is happening with Vinnie’s App? Join the Facebook group HERE


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