Payback iPhone App Can Use a Lesson From Vinnie Jones

Payback from Apex designs is the iPhone’s answer to the GTA series. It’s a sandbox style game where you play a wannabe British gangster rising up through the ranks of the criminal underworld. To get there you must punch, shoot, kill, steal, and speed your way through 6 chapters, which in turn will take you on a journey through three cities each with various illegal activities.

In freedom city (hmm sounds like liberty city!) you’ll meet a cockney gangster who thinks he’s Vinnie Jones. He issues missions to you from payphones. You’ll be taking out cops, picking up packages, dropping off gang members, stealing ice-cream trucks and ram raiding shops… to name but a few. Completing missions successfully will earn you enough money to unlock later levels and chapters.

Players of Payback can learn a thing or two about being a cockney gangster by downloading the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call. This is a new app on the Apps store from Branded Research. Featured, are 27 new videos to choose from which include “It’s Been Emotional” and “Desert Eagle .50″ from the hit movie Snatch. From the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels you can choose from video wake up calls like “Use Language Like That” and “I think the word you’re looking for, gentleman, is thank you.” Also included in the 27 are new videos of Vinnie jarring you out of your slumbers with one liners like “Oi, You! get Out of Bed!”

Graphically, Payback looks pretty good, and a definite step up from the GBA version of Payback. The viewpoint for the game is top-down 3D, similar in style to GTA 1 and 2, using a flat texture for street level, with buildings and other objects stretching up towards you. It works well, particularly in motion, adding to the feeling of a real, tangible living world. Unfortunately, there is some slowdown during explosions and when many objects on screen at once, but it’s not a huge factor.


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