iPhone/iPod Touch

Welcome to The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call.

Download the app HERE.

The Official Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call is a video alarm clock application with new videos of ex-pro footballer turned Hollywood movie star, Vinnie Jones, spouting off his popular movie lines and his signature one-liners. Featured, are 27 new videos to choose from which include “It’s Been Emotional” and “Desert Eagle .50” from the hit movie Snatch. From the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels you can choose from video wake up calls like “Use Language Like That” and “I think the word you’re looking for, gentleman, is thank you.” Also included in the 27 are new videos of Vinnie jarring you out of your slumbers with one liners like “Oi, You! get Out of Bed!”

To set yourself a wake up call, simply select a video of your choice and then set the time that you would like your video wake up call to be. You will then be counting down to your next Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call.

Vinnie Jones has starred in the movies: Midnight Meat Train, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, X-Men:The Last Stand, The Condemned, Hell Ride, Strength and Honour, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish and many more. His career as a professional footballer saw him net 33 league goals playing for teams Chelsea, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and Wimbledon. In 1988 Jones won the famed FA-Cup with underdog team Wimbledon beating Liverpool 1-0.

There are 2 ways to use this application:

Set a Wake Up Call (iphone, ipod touch)

– Launch the application
– Tap the home page screen when you hear the music
– Select “Wake Up Calls” tab on bottom right of screen
– View the “Wake Up Call” of your choice from a list of 27 videos
– Select “Use This Wake Up Call”
– Select “Done”
– Set the time for your “Wake Up Call”

Leave a friend a Vinnie Jones Voicemail (iPhone)

– Call a friend from your iPhone on speaker phone
– Press the home button on your iPhone
– Launch The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call Application
– Select the “Wake Up Calls” Tab on the bottom right of the screen
– Wait to hear the voicemail “Beep” and play the “Wake Up Call” of your choice


– The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call application has to remain loaded in order for it to launch your Wake Up Call.
– When you set the wake up call late at night or when you are at your desk trying to catch a little shut eye – make sure the application is loaded. You will know when the application is loaded because the countdown clock will appear on your screen.
– If you are using the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call on your iPod Touch, make sure it is plugged into a speaker or use your headphones.
– When you setting the time for your next Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call, there is no need to set the date. The application is constantly running and will automatically default to the next desired Wake Up Call time. This is indicated by a countdown.


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