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Happy Birthday Vinnie

vinnie_jones_wake_up_call_ birthday

Today, January 5, is Vinnie Jones’ birthday. Happy Birthday Vinnie! You can celebrate Vinnie’s birthday with him by downloading the new iPhone application, Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call from the App Store on iTunes.

Leave Vinnie a birthday message on the Facebook page HERE


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AT&T Offers Refurbished iPhone $99


AT&T on Saturday began offering $99 refurbished iPhones. In previous weeks rumors were flying around the internet of a possible $99 iPhone from Wal-Mart which was not the case. Wal-Mart yesterday announced an 8GB $197 iPhone. The refurbished iPhone is lowest price an iPhone has been sold in the United States for.

AT&T’s $99 iPhones are the same old models, slightly used.

According to att.com,

Refurbished phones are previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period. Each refurbished phone is independently quality tested and loaded with the latest software to meet current factory standards. Some refurbished iPhone 3G devices will have minor scratches.

The sale ends Dec. 31 or when AT&T runs out of stock, whichever comes first. Macworld Expo starts the following week, leading to speculation that AT&T may be using the occasion to clear inventory in advance of new models or new memory configurations.

The battle for market share has become fierce with the iPhone steadily stealing market share from RIM with their Blackberry devices. With more iPhone being sold, the more users have access to the iTunes App Store where people with an iTunes account can download cool applications straight onto their hand sets. One of the rising stars of the App store is the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call. The application an alarm clock with video ringtones of Vinnie Jones doing his signature one-liners and lines from movies that he is well known for.

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Wal-Mart to Carry iPhone


As reported by Businessweek.com, the worlds largest retailer Wal-Mart announced on Friday that they will be carrying the iPhone in nearly all 2,500 stores from this Sunday. The 8GB iPhone will be sold for $197 and the 16GB iPhone for $297, these of course with an all new 2 year contract from AT&T.

Industry analysts see this as a huge win for Apple [AAPL], who recently have been chipping away at other mobile devices market share globally. Gary Severson, Senior Vice President, Entertainment said “We are delighted to bring customers this ground-breaking mobile technology. Our electronics associates have been preparing for many weeks for the arrival of iPhone 3G. We are excited to now help new customers learn more about the features and services that make the iPhone unique.”

Now with the iPhone being sold in Wal-Mart this can only mean good news for the iTunes App Store. The more iPhones that are sold the more people have access to the app store and are able to download the best in entertainment applications like the newly released Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call

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Christmas Gifts Dont Have to be Boring

Vinnie Jones wake up call iphone ipod touch application

Vinnie Jones wake up call iphone ipod touch application

One of the greatest gift ideas we can think of this year is to download the new iPhone Application; The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call. Christmas day is a day for giving and smiling and sharing wonderful gifts with one another. If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch go to the Apple Apps Store and download the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call for your handset.


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Desert Eagle .50

This is an excellent scene from the movie Snatch,starring Brad Pitt and Vinnie Jones who plays Bullet Tooth Tony in the movie gives these guys something to think about when he see’s “Replica” written down the side of their guns.

One of the new video ringtones you can choose from for the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call iPhone application is “Desert Eagle .50.” You can choose to have Vinnie say his lines from the Desert Eagle .50 scene in Snatch to give you a wake up call on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Check out the app on the Apple iTunes App Store by clicking HERE


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Give the Gift of an iPhone Application


Has your Christmas stocking been filled with an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Not sure what application to download first? We think that you should download the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call as the first application on your brand new handset.

Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Merry Christmas

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