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5 New iPhone Applications to Watch for in 2009

11In July, Apple launched the iPhone and iPod touch App store on iTunes with 500 applications. In a big print advertising in the NY Times and the WSJ, Apple revealed that there are now less than 6 month later over 10,000 Apps available and the download counter stands now at an amazing 300 million. As the store gets more populated with apps and the competition more fierce for attention, some apps are standing out as clear front runners for attention in 2009.

All eyes are on the Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call to be a top downloaded app in 2009. The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call, from Branded Research is an alarm clock based application, which features Vinnie Jones (Lock Stock, Snatch, X-Men 3) the Wimbledon footballer-turned-actor spouting off movie lines and one-liners to jar you out of your slumbers.

From the creators of Ocarina, iPhones first wind instrument comes Zephyr, an app that IS the wind. Swish your fingers across your screen to create a snowy message. Just like each snowflake you sprinkle, your story is one-of-a kind. As you move, Zephyr magically translates your touch and movements into distinctive sounds of wind and music to complement your written message.

New Years Party That’s where New Years Party comes in. This app from Toejam Software lets you make assorted festive noises via your iPhone or iPod touch- a popper, a party horn, a party spinner, and a crowd cheering “Happy New Year.”

When the New Year arrives, get a head start on living up to some of those resolutions with Diet Tracker. From Michael Thomason, helps you track what you eat by storing nutritional for more than 7,000 common foods. Use the app to keep a history of your meals, so you’ll know what you ate and when.

TipEven Tip Calculator, from Ed Crookshanks: In addition to calculating a standard tip amount, the $1 app also rounds up to the next even bill amount and the next even tip amount.

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